Slimming Concerns

Obvious reasons for weight gain are taking in more calories than usual or reducing the amount of physical activity in your life. However, some people still gain weigh when they are eating and exercising the same as always. Let’s look deeper at the possible reasons for weight gain and how TCM and slimming treatments can help.



Not enough sleep – if you are not sleeping, you have more chances to indulge in late night snacking, also biochemical changes in your body resulting from sleep deprivation can make you hungrier and leave you feeling less full after eating. The liver meridian that is in charge of detoxification cannot function when you are not sleeping, thus decreasing the metabolism rate.

Stress – Cortisol, the so-called “ stress hormone” increases I our body when we are stressed. This hormone in turn increase our appetite. Add to the tendency to reach for comfort foods that result in weight gain. Stress also decrease our body ability to detox and thus lower metabolism rate.

Western medications – such as antidepressants, steroids, antipsychotic and drugs that are used for migraines, diabetes and hypertension can also cause weight gain, as they can cause fluid retention and increased appetite. TCM will have to use acupuncture to help patients who have to use these drugs and suffer from weight gain.

Menopause- most women gain some weight during menopause due to a number of reason. Aging slow the metabolism, so weight gain is likely if your dietary habits remain the same. Menopause can also affect the location of fat deposits in the body, increasing the likelihood of accumulating fat around the waist. Target slimming using TCM and slimming technology comes in very handy and effective with localizes slimming needs.

Our customer, Jasmine, lost 10 kg after receiving our slimming treatment!