Laugh Lines

Laugh Lines/Aging Lines

Laugh lines, or indentations on either side of the face around the mouth, usually affect middle- and older-aged people. However, younger people can also develop the deep wrinkles because they are caused by many factors. From heredity, lack of sleep, poor diet or skin composition and elasticity, there are just as many ways to eliminate the wrinkles in order to make the face appear younger and smoother. Homemade remedies such as changing eating habits to herbal treatments are available, as well as cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion, which a dermatologist can administer.


TCM makes use of acupunture to improve on the qi energy on the face to lift the skin, which in turns lighten the crease. The treatment is painless, though patients may experience a sensation of heat as the energy passes over the skin after the needle is being inserted.