Age Spots

Age Spots and Pigmentation

If your skin looks sallow and patchy, it can be due to pigmentation caused by sun damage, ageing and other factors. Pigmentation are basically caused by an excess of melanin, the substance that determines our natural skin color and which our skin produces when exposed to the sun to give us a tan. Melanin is produced by melanocytes, located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis. TCM provides another point of view. When we reach middle age, due to the increase in the amount of stress, the functions of the liver and the kidney deteriorates and thus the appearance of different types of pigmentation. In Asian women, freckles,, sun spots, solar lentigines, café au lait spots, nevus of ota, hori’s nevus, melasma are some of the common hyper pigmentation. Click here for a free consultation with our physicians to understand what kind of pigmentation problems you are facing.


TCM approaches pigmentation by looking at the qi and blood circulation. Through acupunture and specialised concotation of herbal masks, TCM works to improve on the overall health of the customers and thus lightening the appearance of the pigments.

With the help of machines that produces heat and light to increase the circulation of the tiny granules containing melanin inside the pigment cells. It is not always to use both TCM and machines for all types of pigments, and not always possible to completely remove, but with treatment, even the largest and darkest ones can be significantly reduced.

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