Yang Mei Eyebrow Solutions

Yang Mei Eyebrow Solutions Introduction

Yang Mei Eyebrow is founded and created by Physician Horng. This is a semi permanent form of drawing the eyebrow to create a fuller, yet 100% natural looking pair of eyebrow. There is no cutting of the skin that leaves behind red eyebrow, or hard lines like tattoos, or the greenish look that is so artificial. Yang Mei Eyebrow makes use of the art of drawing, whereby hair like strokes of tailored made herbal pigments are used on individual skin, depending on the eyebrow hair color. There is no internal injury and nothing is invasive that will result in red marks on the eyebrow with Yang Mei Eyebrow. With Yang Mei Eyebrow, the color of the drawn on eyebrow remains as it is over the years. Unlike tattooed eyebrows that will turn greenish and bluish. This is because Yang Mei Eyebrow is non invasive and thus not touching the blood capillaries that causes the greenish look.




Before brow shows sparse amount of hair. After image has a fuller brow look after Yang Mei treatment.


Customer has a pair of short brows which end before the outer edge of eyes. Yang Mei method allows lengthening them while looking natural.


Before image shows customer’s original out-of-shape brows. After image features a nicely-shaped pair of Yang Mei done brows.


Before image features a red pair of brows due to customer’s previous bad embroidery job. After image shows improved brow using Yang Mei.


Over-plucked eyebrows are common. Before image is just one example. After image shows corrected brows with Yang Mei.


Customer has light-colored eyebrows originally in before image and after doing Yang Mei Eyebrows Solutions in after image.