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About GoodLady TCM Beauty

Photo of Physician Audrey Chen

Goodlady TCM Beauty is founded by Physician Horng in 1994.

For 20 years, Goodlady TCM Beauty has been providing quality facial and slimming services . With the increasing health awareness, Goodlady TCM Beauty has incorporated TCM into our services, as we believe that good looks must come with good health to be able to truly appreciate both.

At Goodlady TCM Beauty we believe that good service and results come from the heart. And this can be reflected in the no complaints record that we have up kept with our customers and CaseTrust.

By saying how good we are from ourselves is not good enough. Look here for case studies of what our customers say about us.

About Physician Horng

Photo of Physician Horng
Physician Horng

Our founder, Physician Horng started as purely a beautician working from a 3 beds only facial partition within a hair salon. She worked single handedly with her customers, from doing facials, massage and selling products. A couple of years later, Horng realized that most of our local skin problem arises from within i.e internal health situation reflects on the external look. Thus prompting Horng to take up Traditional Chinese Medicine course with her daughter, Audrey, who has been learning the skills under her.

At that time, both mother and daughter make use of 6 nights of a week, 6 years, to accomplished and completed the TCM course. Each attaining both the Internal Medicine and Acupuncture license.

Physician Horng attends to her customers and patients personally from consultation to providing the service. This day to day,hands on attitude allows her to keep a close relationship with all her customers, grow with them, and know their demands. Matching their requirements on skin, on health, and on slimming is a personal goal that Physician Horng seeks to attain.

About Physician Audrey Chen

Photo of Physician Audrey Chen
Physician Audrey Chen

Audrey Chen learnt the skill of beauty from her mother, Horng, since she was schooling in Raffles Girls Secondary. She started with helping to remove the masks and preparing the steamer. When she attended the National Junior College, Audrey started to attend to her own customers with acne problems and has no regrets since then.

During her uni days in National University of Singapore, Audrey began her 6 years course in Traditional Chinese Medicine, making use all weekday nights of the week to complete it. All the training and personally handling of customers and patients for more than 15 years allow Audrey to accumulate many experience with different skin problem, demands from customers and helping them meet their personal goals in life.

Audrey Chen has just became a proud mother to her daughter of 7 months in 2014 October. During her pregnancy, she has gained 20kg, which she managed to shake them off in 6 months. Look here to see her pregnancy and motherhood journey photos.

Since then, Audrey Chen has helped many of her customers to prepare them in terms of TCM diet, health care and after pregnancy slimming with her own success stories.